google please come to New York

San Francisco people are protesting the gentrification of their city! I have alot of sympathy as I live in Broome County New York and believe me — we don’t have to protest that issue at all! People from San Francisco please move here and enjoy the cheap housing and the empty warehouse buildings that can be converted to artist lofts. We have tremendous architecture, most of it dilapidated and waiting for someone like you to come and refurbish. You will not find so many geeks as most of them have fled the area when the IT jobs left. Broome County lost 30% of their IT population last year ALONE!

It is absolutely heaven here in Broome County! You will enjoy the lack of technical people remaining here.

Here is a great building just waiting for some tenants after it is rehabilitated There are many more like it but not all on historical register.

As for Google — they have a fabulous building in NYC — a few square blocks and it is very empty. They actually have loaned a floor of it to Cornell University — they have so much room. And imagine — a large space in New York City!

And folks at Google know that NY transportation system is much better than anything in California. It actually operates DAILY!!!

So Google, save your chartered bus money and move to New York City, please!