presidential speeches in broome county revisited


Tomorrow, Obama will be visiting Binghamton University to speak with a crowd in a town hall style.  The room will be the Mandela Room in the University Union.  He is claiming his visit is about affordable education and he will talk about this with questions allowed.  Other political insiders say the Presidents visit is more of a campaign visit, supporting the democrats that are running for the House of Representatives in November.  One hot race is in Corning, but Obama will not be visiting there.. so maybe it is not all about the elections.  

Not very many presidents have come to the Broome County metro area.  Clinton came but I believe his speech was given at the airport.  As I recall, he was helping his wife in her bid for a NY Senate seat.

The presidential visit to be remembered was Ronald Reagan’s visit to Endicott.   Barack Obama may have chosen this area because of this visit, as he claims to be a big admirer of Reagan.  Ronald Reagan was loved here, and 20,000 people attended his speech at the Union Endicott football stadium.  This was on  September 12, 1984.

Times have changed and security is such a concern, no president will speak at a football stadium or even a large crowd.  

It should be interesting to see how the day comes to pass.  Most people are concerned with roads being blocked and other inconveniences.  Reporters are wondering how many people will show up to demonstrate for or against fracking.

Not many people seem too excited over the topic of affordable education, although students will be happy to address the cost and quality of a State University education.

Andrew Cuomo is staying away this time, unless he has a change of mind. 

Here is the transcript of the great speechmaker’s talk.  It really was a great speech and geared to Broome County .  At the time, I was not too interested in it, but in hindsight I can understand the nostalgia for this president.


This just in, obama stopping in rochester courtesy of NPR… he can do a last minute change



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