I just read in the Adirondack Explorer that Cuomo was visiting Follensby Pond… and I saw the cars drive in when I was taking the picture of the barn home on Stetson Road.  I saw 3 or 4 cars go in the caretaker’s driveway… and I could see Sandy Carr was driving one.  I thought at the time, — Sandy is taking visitors into Follensby, as I have seen this before.  But this time he was taking in Cuomo and his daughters, apparently.  Nothing special about the vehicles and did not look like state vehicles or black SUVs.  (Sandy Carr is the Nature Conservancy leader)

Lois R. said there two private jets in Lake Clear airport on Sunday…. does the governor use a private jet to get up there?  Maybe one belonged to Mayor Bloomberg as he was in the Adirondacks for the Whitewater Challenge in Indian Lake… maybe they car pooled!



Here is the picture of Andrew Cuomo, daughters, and Sandy Carr.
from the Adirondack Enterprise

See the adirondack enterprise 7/23/2013


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