Yesterday, I was in Tupper Lake and took some images near Stetson Road and the Wild Center.

Here is the rear of the Wild Center, a museum of natural history of the Adirondacks.  The setting is wildflowers and what most of us would call native weeds.  They built the pond, but now you can’t tell as it just blends in with the landscape.  If you ever get here, make sure you walk out back and around the trails, as it is the nicest part, IMHO.




On Stetson Road, there is an unusual home made from a barn.  The owners spend every summer adding on or renovating.   This summer the renovations are extensive and I will be interested in how it all turns out.  I hope they have it done before the first freeze.

Across the street, is the entry driveway for Follensby Pond.  This is a 7000-8000 acre plot currently owned by the Nature Conservancy with future plans to make this a state recreation or wilderness property open to the public.  It is private property now, with a rather unfriendly caretaker named Tom.  Tom has seen me for years walk by his gatehouse, but he seems he does not acknowledge or recognize me.  But surely, he knows my dog, Colby.  




Finally, I have a photo of my 9 year old Airedale, Colby.  He is starting to act old on his walks and he came home with a limp.  I don’t believe I need that collar anymore, but he expects to wear it.  He hates his halter that I bought to replace it.  He is not a pup anymore and today he was limping.

When I walk on Stetson Rd with Colby, some of the local people beep their horns and wave.  I would like to think I know them, but I think they really are beeping at Colby.

The Adirondackers have been lovers of the airedale breed.  Everywhere I go, people tell me about other airedales they have known and loved.

I can’t say that they love us downstate folks (downstate being everything south of Old Forge) but they do love Airedales.





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